About Sacred Kitty

Sacred Kitty is an intentional community of playful, sensual, soulful women. It is a safe space to be nourished and supported by feminine energy while exploring the interconnectedness of sex and spirit.

Pleasure reminds us of our true nature, which is inherently blissful, and nourishes us with the energy to be fully present, creative, and to live from our hearts. SK is an opportunity to prioritize pleasure in our lives while empowering other women to do the same.

A special beauty manifests when women are intimate together, one that can dissolve separation, competition, and patriarchal structures, and instead serve towards empowerment and strengthening the bonds of sisterhood.

Women synchronizing their energies together actively resurrects the true power of the Goddess and blesses the world with much needed feminine energy. It is time for the Divine Feminine to rise into power and it is our duty to facilitate this great awakening.

Though this is a sensually based community, our vision goes far beyond the body. Our gatherings offer a space for women to create friendships, explore intimate connections, and exchange creative ideas & business contacts.

At the heart of it all, we are so excited to unite women and usher in the new paradigm with you.
Welcome to Sacred Kitty!

Upcoming Events

Private Party Fall 2020 – Miami, FL

Is This For Me?

Sacred Kitty might be a good match if you’re interested in:
Sisterhood, Goddess Rituals, Women’s Empowerment, Sex Magik, Conscious Kink, Sex Positivity, Spirituality, Intentional Circles, Exploring Bi-Curiosity, or Simply Connecting with Open-Minded & Heartfelt People

What To Expect

Sacred Kitty Events

Ecstatic Dances

Soulful ecstatic dance journeys that inspire freedom of expression and provide an opportunity to tune into the body’s creative rhythms.

Movement for cathartic release, sensual awakening, and exploration of our innermost Self.

Held in a social atmosphere with cuddle lounge, tea, elixirs, & high-vibe treats.

Play Parties

Our parties begin with an opening circle, intention setting, boundary and consent dialogue, group connection and embodiment exercises, then we move into a free-flow container, and end the evening with a closing circle.

Enjoy designated areas for cuddles, massage, meditation, conversation, dance, and sensual play.

Social Meet-ups

A casual evening where we meet, grab a bite or drink, and connect with community. May also get together for yoga, an adventure in nature, or a relaxing beach day.

Make friends, strengthen the bonds of sisterhood, and enjoy life with like-minded people.

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